David Arthur Skinner - solo jazz piano

It was suddenly urgent to get started with solo piano videos when the Corona crisis kicked in, March 2020. So I'll add some of them to this page.

More info is available at my Youtube-channel.

My third solo-piano CD, Skinner plays Skinner, is out on Losen Records

Skinner plays Skinner, cover art by Hilde Kjepso   Skinner plays Skinner, back of CD

The release concert was at Herr Nilsen, Oslo, 3rd April 2017.

Playing standards is a major part of playing jazz, where the original intentions of the composer are not the important thing; rather, the musician makes decisions about how to make use of the music in a personal way, by altering harmony, rhythm and melody. I have been writing my own "standards" for many years; that is to say, writing pieces which can be approached from several angles - by anybody - without the essence of the music being lost. The pieces all exist within a framework of functional harmony and fixed structure, and I've played most of them with many other musicians in various settings, from jazz clubs to dance events. In this CD, the idea is to interpret my own jazz compositions in a new way, almost as if they were not mine.

For musicians - The compositions on this CD are available for free in "Fake book" format, both in C concert and in Bb. Click here to download a .zip file. All I ask is that you credit me as the composer if you play them in a concert. In Norway, please make sure the concert is reported to TONO.

My second solo-piano CD, Cubistic Boogie, is also out on Losen Records

Cubistic Boogie by David Skinner, cover art by Hilde Kjepso   Cubistic Boogie by David Skinner
Download press release (.pdf)

The release concert was held at Foredragssalen, Deichman Library, Oslo, on the 31st October 2015.

My first solo piano recording, "Diagonal Jazz" (2013), is a digital release on Pling music

Diagonal Jazz by David Skinner, cover art by Hilde Kjepso
Download large version of cover (3.8 MB)

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Last ned presseskriv på norsk

From the release concert at Deichman Library, Oslo, June 1st 2013:

Among other things, I was fortunate enough to go on a two-week solo tour in Japan in October '13 to promote this recording.

Norsk: Anmeldelse av Diagonal Jazz fra Erling Wicklund, NRK.